Artist Credits

Aerobic 2D Model & rigging: @TomatoMagica
Military 2D Model & Rigging: @akagi_A
3D Models: @leztusi
Vtuber Designs (Regular outfit + 80s outfit): @ColonelCheru
Pawprint Planet Logo: @StarPyrate
Logo: @Ramyeoon
New Logo: @PrimaRoxas
Main Emotes: @sheishii
Follower Emotes: @rubybot01
Other Emotes: @__I0MA
Dragon Emotes: @littlepoisonella
Sub Badges: @RiverMakes
Avatar and Kirbo Emote: @TerminalMontage
Spaceship design + art: @Raxxis
Offline Banner Art: @tomatomagica
BRB and Ending Screens: @KaoriEvil
End Screen Art: @alesetiawan
Spaceship Background: @Magpie_Feather
Music: Manbo Second Class
Spaceship Background Animation: @uwumedia
Stinger & Animated Emotes: @hoopyon
DnD Stinger: @Spvwvky
Panel Art: @t0r4ch4n
Pokemon Art: @KingLuci
Helltaker Dance Gif: @Jchoco_art
Overlay for SWC: @CitricKing
SWC Character Images: @Julesdrawz
SWC Viltautas Image: @CrikeyDave
Follower + Subscriber Animations: @sarurun42
Minecraft Skin: @biastdesign
TikTok Editor: @HilmMikeEdits

These credits will be periodically updated.